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Brotherhood: Spira Icontest

Brotherhood: Inhabitants of Spira
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Welcome to xbrotherhood! This is an icontest dedicated to the characters of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, and any other game that their characters are featured in, including Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia, ect. We accept any characters of any of the games, just as long as they originated from either of the first two listed games.

When submitting entries, please submit them in this format:



01.) xhymn
02.) xartificallove
03.) skyships

Banner Makers

01.) skyships
02.) Apply
03.) Apply

01.) You must be a member to join, and vote.
02.) Your icon(s) must meet the livejournal requirements, i.e. 100x100 and 40kb.
03.) You are not allowed to take someone's icon(s) and try to submit them as your own.
04.) You are not allowed to post your submissions anywhere until the challenge is over.
05.) You are allowed to use images from games outside of X and X-2, just as long as Tidus makes an appearance.
06.) Textures, brushes, ect. are allowed.
07.) Icons must be fresh, and made for the challenge only!
08.) You're allowed to submit up to 3 icons for each challenge.


01.) You must be a logged in member to vote.
02.) Vote even if you didn't submit!
03.) Don't vote for your own icon(s), and don't recruit friends to vote for your icon(s).
04.) When voting, place it in a format that is easy to read:
#, #, #
SC: #

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